I've come to realize that the shutting down of "Naij Mail" service was not intentional, neither was the decision to change the website address from Naij.com to Naija.ng. It was a threat passed by NCC (the government), tagging Naij.com as a “threat to national security”.
Read article: https://goo.gl/Ag7mg4
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Naij.com and 20 other website were shut down by NCC as the Federal Government of Nigeria has begun secret moves that will see such online newspapers, blogs and websites perceived to constitute “threat to national security” permanently closed down.

Read more: https://goo.gl/Ag7mg4
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Hello fellow iConnects, it may interest you to know that "Naij Mail" server is down and may never come back.
Please simply create a new email account with www.gmail.com while waiting for your data correction with Jamb, NPower, YouWin etc.
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