Being flooded with request to create Bulk SMS Reseller Portal with WordPress as they have in Joomla. Is it possible to use WordPress to create Bulk SMS Portal? Is there a plugin for Bulk SMS Reseller Portal in WordPress?

Many businesses in my country are using Joomla (SMS Portal Creator) to do this hence inferred that Joomla is truly a Content Management System and WordPress is not. Any solution yet?


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Yes, you can now create reseller Bulk SMS Portal with WordPress using the WP-SMS-Portal plugin. However, this plugin is not yet available in the WordPress plugins repository. To download a copy, follow the link below.

View: Demo

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For the past how many years i've been searching for answer to this exact question, thank God at last for this wp-sms-portal now.

Expecting to see it supporting global gateways (not locked to some particular groups of gateways). Any way, a very big thanks to the developer of this wordpress plugin.
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